Monday, April 05, 2010


I felt joy yesterday as I reflected on the empty tomb. On Saturday, as I waited for the resurrection, I imagined what Jesus had taken into the tomb with him that was mine previously. All my sin, sorrow and shame were inextricably bound to his wounds as he was carried to the tomb. They were still in there on Saturday.

As I ran with Peter and John in excitement and fear to the tomb on Sunday morning, I peered over their shoulders to peek inside. I was anxiously looking for that which was previously mine, the "baggage" of sin and death that was uniquely mine. IT WAS GONE!! In the brilliance of resurrection light and life my sin baggage had been annihilated! I heard a voice whisper into my ear, "the baggage died with it's owner." The owner of my sin was no longer me, but Jesus! When he died my baggage died with Him! I rejoice in this truth and pray that I'll live into the freedom of it.

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