Sunday, May 11, 2014

Shepherdess (A Mother’s Day Poem)

For my wife, Cheri, on Mother’s Day 2014

A wise shepherdess

            Who tenderly mends

                        What is broken

            Who reinforces

                        What is weak

She leads her flock to green pastures,

            Beside quiet waters;

She partners with God in restoring souls.


She leads by living

            Heals by loving

            Defends through teaching

Fierce is she!

            Against all oppressors of her flock!

She stands faithfully,




Between her flock and all harm.


Though she thinks her tasks mundane,

And of little consequence;

She rules and reigns with God, her Shepherd

She is his royal daughter

            Cared for personally by him,

            Part of his flock.

                        Princess Shepherdess!

Though she walks in obscurity,

            She is never outside the light of his smile