Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Convergence, Part 2

I finished Samuel Storms' book Convergence this past weekend, and have to say I find his position very convincing. I am continuing my journey looking at the biblical evidence by reading D.A. Carson's fine work, Showing the Spirit, which was catalytic for Storms on his journey to embracing the fullness of the Spirit.

I am praying more for a fullness of the Spirit to be poured out on my life and those around me, not only in gifts to build up the church, but in power to walk in the fruit of the Spirit, and especially in our new self identities as his beloved children; for He is not just the Spirit who gives gifts, but the Spirit of adoption and Sonship (Romans 8).

I have even started to pray in tongues again. The "language" has never left me, I've always been able to recall it. From my experience it shrinks from lack of use. As I have begun to use it again in my devotional times, it is growing again, slowly. I pray that it will continue to grow as my surrender to Jesus deepens.

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