Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Call of the Sun

Low-lying clouds freighted with rain move fast across the sky

Burdened with darkness

they move in the direction of the rising sun

Blessed, the sunlight begins to catch them and kiss them

pink, orange and gold added to their darkness

The dome under heaven is vast

ample room for all kinds of clouds

The sun calls them home, drawing them west

The sun never feels fear by the presence of these dark clouds

Instead it laughs and puts bows in their hair

It calls them to itself

makes shapes out of them for kid-minded folks to see,

ships and giraffes and dogs and great sky-lizards

As they journey toward the light,

the ripened darkness is shed abroad over the land

poured out as an offering of tears

giving life to all God’s creation

making glad the city of God

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