Friday, June 06, 2014

My Limits Are Fixed

My limits are fixed

By the care of another;

Though placed in love

The boundaries for life and living

There are gaps in the walls, holes in the fence

where arrows and cannon balls crashed through





Boundaries now feel to me like a cage

Like a child going without

Being kept from everything good

I fight and I kick




Bloodied fists, I crumble in shame and fear

The one who lavishes

Meets me in my lack

Kisses my forehead and wipes away the blood

He bids me follow Him

He shows me around

Teaches me to walk

Surprised by space within the limits

Slowly, I find that the boundaries are not a cage at all

No longer so small

Safety restored

I can breathe

Safe and sound

All that I need and more

Boundaries laid down

Limits lovingly set;

The sweet context of my life

The sweaty texture of grace in skin

Learning to be free when I don’t think I have enough

He’s got me, He told me

He’s got me, He told me

Double barreled burdens crush

Figuring out what is supposed to be

Working to bring it about;

Impotence exposed

Illusions shattered

Sadness ripened

Sufficiency drunk

Beauty lavished

Goodness tasted

Love lived

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