Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pledge of the Apprentice (short version)

I am working on a longer version of this prayer/pledge that teases out the assumptions and vision that make it possible. [update: I have posted the longer version here.] For now, I wanted to post the pledge in its simple shortened form. I’ve been praying it for several months now, more regularly since December 2013 and am finding great benefit to my soul with God. I pray through this daily as well as the abandonment prayer I posted on January 1, 2014.

I should note that I got this from a bookmark printed by a church I used to attend (Sojourn Community Church). It was at a time when Dallas Willard’s vision flooded this particular church and so his hands are all over this as well. I have no idea where they got it; web searches to find an original source have failed.

I apprentice myself to Jesus in order to live eternally now;

to become the kind of person who does what he did and says the things he said in his confident, peaceful manner.

I commit myself to learning this.

I intend to be with Him (through the Holy Spirit) doing the necessary and appropriate things (means of grace) for apprehending this new kind of life.

I do this for the sake of God;

to work with Him as he extends the loving rule and reign of His kingdom to others.

I do not do this to earn or merit anything; it is my simple, but passionate cooperation.


David Gross said...

Beautiful, powerful prayer! Thank you.

Scott said...

Bless you, David! Always glad to hear from another of Jesus' friends.

Anthony Pacifico said...

What a wonderful prayer . It gives a clear and decisive action to follow.

Scott said...

Glad you found it helpful, Anthony! I continue to find strength and guidance through this as I try to live this "with-God" life.