Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reasons to Drag Myself to Church Today

Though I’d rather stare blankly at a TV screen for 12 hours straight after a long day of travel back from Oregon yesterday, I’m going to be with God’s people, if for nothing else to stare blankly at them.

Here are the reasons I came up with in my “conversation with myself” this morning:

1) I’m really messed up and need every opportunity to experience grace I can get. My sinful self is old and crotchety (what a great word that is – crotch with an “ety” on the end), and I need an infusion of grace to become youthful and playful again.

2) I need God’s people in order to experience God.

3) God’s people need me in order to experience God (this is the hardest for me to believe).

Off I go, in faith.

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