Saturday, August 23, 2008

Loved by God - 2

As I continue to reflect on my vision, I have received more clarity. Now that the "wall" is down, the memorial that has taken it's place is the cross. It stands as an ever-present reminder of the truth of being "loved by God."

Just as the wall grew with feeding, so the cross grows in my experience through nurture. It's influence spreads throughout my soul, covering parched and barren parcels of land with grace and life.

A couple of notes about nurturing (true for both the lie and truth) -
1. I nurture an idea when I make conscious agreement with it.
2. I nurture an idea when I act as if it were true.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that when I was having the vision it was clear to me how lacking we are in Christian community at what some have called, "healing prayer." Walking with one another through a vision like this, appropriating God's power and God's message to the images of our hearts. By God's grace, he walked with me through this, and I am starting to feel a calling to be that kind of brother for others.

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