Monday, October 26, 2015

Let Go Little Leaf

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I wrote this little poem over the weekend as I sat watching trees gently shedding their leaves in a beautiful retreat setting (some of the above pictures try to capture it). Some of the lines are a bit cheesy, but I like that because it has to do with the offense of wonder to the complicated adult mind (of mine) concerned with people’s opinions. I left the lines as they came to me, cheese and all, for those who have enough simplicity and wonder still left in their bones to hear them as knowing.

To hear leaves fall

is to hear their last call

Beautiful Death.


Let go, little leaf

the ground needs you;


not to hold on

but to let go


The only way forward is down.

You have to let to

to be come good soil

to feed Spring’s Feast


The wind blows

makes it so hard to hold on


Let go, dear one

your Maker will catch you

You are part of a bigger story being told


Glorious little leaf!

you are the hands that clap

when God passes by!

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