Monday, April 01, 2013

Some Blog Housekeeping . . .

Just a few updates and comments:

1) Blog Profile Description - I’ve been wanting to update my profile blurb for a while, and finally changed it to this:

I stumble through the kingdom of God as a sanctified loser, holy sinner and a broken and beloved man. I currently pitch my tent in the land of Kentucky and write on this blog as a means of working out my salvation in the context of the mundanely glorious world of work, family, church, food, music, dogs, books, and friends.

I am deeply committed to an evangelical reformed faith expressing itself in emotionally healthy ways and experienced within a contemplative intimacy with my Creator and Father through Jesus. I hope and pray that this blog will provide access to fresh water from the Word and Spirit, for myself and anyone silly enough to tag along. Jesus meets us right where we are and comes to us in brokenness revealing the heart of the Father. Let us eat and drink together from his table, friends!

I wanted to re-write this in light of some of the new things Jesus is doing and has done in me. Hopefully this will suffice for a while!

2) Comments on my blog posts – I need to get better at encouraging participation, but let me just say I always welcome interaction with anyone who drops by! My only caveat is that I will not accept “anonymous” posts without some kind of ID or login, to avoid the barrage of “adult” Spam that comes through if I don’t restrict it. Sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone.

Don’t be afraid to be named here, this is a safe place. If you’ve been blessed or challenged by something you’ve encountered here, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve been offended by something here, it’s likely you’re a very religious and uptight person and reading the wrong blog. Please apply some extra grace and kindness while you are here. That said, the internet is a big place, and there’s space for you too! I invite you to begin your journey here. You will feel much safer.

3) I’ve been providentially blessed to have chosen a name for my blog – School of the Broken Heart – that has not only stood the test of time, but become increasingly accurate over time. It accurately depicts (far more than I knew when I first put it up here) the unfolding work of the kingdom of God in my life. I am truly in school, for the rest of my life, with my broken heart in the presence of Jesus. This gives me hope, as it is the primary means by which the Spirit of God tethers me to the Cross.

And FYI, for those interested, I came up with the title for this blog from a sermon of the same name from Sojourn Community Church where I was attending at the time. If memory serves, it was about Luke 24 and the burning hearts of the disciples hearing Jesus explain the Scriptures.

4) Similar to my last point, the web address of this blog has remained profoundly apt for me. It came out of my reading Mike Yaconelli’s excellent book Messy Spirituality around the same time I started this blog in 2006. I am a “messy saint” with more questions than answers at times. God help me if I become a “together saint,” or God help those around me who have to put up with me!



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