Monday, February 18, 2013

Luther Speaks

I have always loved Martin Luther. His insight into the gospel and his honesty living as a human before God have always compelled me to listen. I wrote a church history paper on him in Bible College calling him the “John Wayne” of church history! He died on this date back in 1546, so I thought it fitting to jot down a few of his thoughts.

Here is a prayer he prayed reflecting on the Lord’s Prayer:

O Father, it is indeed true that we cannot be strong by our own power. How can we stand before your might if you do not yourself strengthen and comfort us? Therefore, dear Father, embrace us, accomplish your will in us, that we may be your kingdom to your praise and glory. But, dear Father, strengthen us in this life with your holy word. Give us our daily bread. Establish in our hearts your dear Son Jesus Christ who is the true bread of heaven. Sustained by him, we may gladly bear and suffer the breaking and the dying of our own will and the fulfilling of your will. Give grace to all your churches. Send us educated pastors and preachers who will not give us the crumbs and chaff of foolish fables, but who will teach us your holy gospel and lead us to Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here are a few of his more choice insults for his opponents:

You know less than does a log on the ground.

Must we believe your nightmares?

You are full of poisonous refuse and insane foolishness.

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