Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Megachurch Jesus

Though I’m not much of a poet, these words have been bouncing around my brain for a while, begging for expression:

Megachurch Jesus

Ain’t got the time;

For you and me.

He’s got people to see and

Things to do.


A Kingdom to build,

Glory to polish.


As long as you play his game,

Give all your money and time,

You are loved.


If you have potential and can produce results,

You are on the fast track to influence.


But if you fail,

If you fall behind,

You are blacklisted and ignored.


Megachurch Jesus only loves the strong

Those who have it together

These are the ones who have his ear.


The broken stand outside watching, waiting;

Wondering if this Jesus is all there is.

Shuffling their feet, shifting their burdens,

Desperately wanting to fit in.


Tired of jumping through hoops,

Unable to keep up with the strong and powerful,

These have given up on trying to fit in.


Unnoticed, one appears among them,

Disenfranchised and disheveled himself;

Quietly he speaks,

He tells of a different Savior,

One that prefers the broken and the weak.


Slowly the riff raff start to listen and take note,

Sinners are intrigued by the newness of grace;

Hearts are slowly healed;

Loved for who they are,

Not for what they can do.

This one is Immanuel, and he hates Megachurch Jesus too.

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BrianD said...

Good, good stuff, bro.