Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Formation in Christ

Advent is nearly here (first Sunday is 11/28/10). I've been thinking a lot about how the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas) can be used by God to further our transformation in Christ. I directed our Spiritual Formation Group to look at this meditation last week:

So much gets provoked in us during the holidays - pain & anger from our family of origin, sorrow over loss, anxiety over finances & schedules, etc. - when we are overwhelmed it is too late; we need to prepare for these moments beforehand through gaining a compelling vision from God we can draw upon through grace.

What provokes you?

In holidays past (Thanksgiving/Christmas) what ideas, images or emotions typically form and shape you? (negatively - anxiety, fear, need for control, positively - the reasons why Jesus came, etc.)

What kind of person do you want to be during this holiday season? In other words, how can we be intentional about what shapes us? Ask God about this and listen.

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