Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Integrity of Christian Marriage

Just found this (March, 2004) article by Albert Mohler on "The Seduction of Pornography and the Integrity of Christian Marriage" to be very helpful and concise. My experience as a husband resonates with what he says. It was instrumental today in helping me fight temptation. This quote was especially powerful for me:

Consider the fact that a woman has every right to expect that her husband will earn access to the marriage bed. As the Apostle Paul states, the husband and wife no longer own their own bodies, but each now belongs to the other. At the same time, Paul instructed men to love their wives even as Christ has loved the church. Even as wives are commanded to submit to the authority of their husbands, the husband is called to a far higher standard of Christ-like love and devotion toward the wife.

Therefore, when I say that a husband must regularly “earn” privileged access to the marital bed, I mean that a husband owes his wife the confidence, affection, and emotional support that would lead her to freely give herself to her husband in the act of


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