Friday, December 22, 2006

Responding to God

I was gently rebuked this morning by the presence of my self-centered spirituality. I am so preoccupied with my self, and so very unaware of God and what he is doing. Biblical spirituality stands opposed to American individualistic, therapeutic spiritualities. Biblical spirituality is simply responding to God: what he has said, what he has done; what he is saying, what he is doing.

How do we become aware of what God has said and done? Through attentively reading the Scriptures, with ears and eyes made alive by the Spirit of God.

How do we become aware of what God is saying and doing? Having our ears and minds attuned by the Scriptures we are made sensitive to the reality around us. How much I have missed God because I've been too fidgety, busy and self-focused! Listening to our daily realities, our relationships our circumstances - perhaps God is speaking and acting in and through all of them. With a world suffused with God's presence and glory, should we expect any less?

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