Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Let the Beloved of the Lord Rest Secure

The Lord brought this Word back to me when I was struggling with anxiety recently. It is a prophetic blessing that Moses gave to the tribe of Benjamin just before his (Moses') death:
“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him,
    for he shields him all day long,
    and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.” ( Deut 33:12 NIV)
Benjamin was the favored brother that the Hebrew Patriarch Joseph fawned over (as did Jacob - Genesis 42:4, 38; 43:29-34; 45:14). There has often been special affection in the Bible's story-line for Benjamin (Genesis 35:16-18), so it makes sense that Moses would use Benjamin's blessing to launch into a wider, deeper blessing that is linked to the Fatherhood of God. God is blessing his people through Moses like Jacob/Joseph blessed Benjamin. This blessing now comes through Jesus to all of his friends, those who are trusting in Him.

Interesting side note - "the one the Lord loves" - almost the identical phrase is used to refer to Jesus' friend Lazarus after he died (used by his sisters in John 11:3). Next time when you're praying try using this - "Lord, the one you love is _________ " (sick, hurting, needy, sinful, thankful, etc.)

Some affirmations that bubble to the surface:

  • I am beloved, and I rest secure in the love of Yahweh who is with me.
  • His love shields me all day long, through every moment, conversation and circumstance. Nothing can separate me from this love.
  • I am beloved of the Lord and am invited to rest against his mighty chest (between his shoulders). Upon his shoulders he bears the government of the world (Isaiah 9:6) and my life as well as all outcomes. I can trust my "little kingdom" to him.
  • I can rest. I can stop managing my life and trying to get people to do things. I can stop trying to make things happen and receive my life as a gift of God.

May we drink from the Trinitarian well before us! Disciples of Jesus are safely immersed in God.

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