Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As I Lay Dying . . .

As I lay dying . . .

I regret not accumulating more stuff;

I regret not filling my time with more busyness;

I regret not using my friendships to advance myself;

I regret all the time wasted on relationships;

I regret not making myself sound and look better;

I regret trying new things;

I regret risking the risk of trusting God;

I regret wasting time with my children;

I regret not being more impressive and intelligent;

I regret all the books I haven’t read;

I regret letting love slow me down;

I regret not worrying more;

I regret all the time wasted on fairy tales;

I regret being over doing; becoming over attaining;

I regret letting family get in the way of my career;

I regret listening to God instead of taking charge;

I regret waiting instead of making things happen.


Said no one ever.

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