Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some Pilgrim Thoughts on Silence

From my journal entry on 8/26/14:

“Command me to be silent and still before You, Lord;

quiet me in Your love.”

My mind (thought, feeling) is the first and strongest place that my attempt to “make things happen” shows up – because of the close proximity of the mind with the will. My mind presents options to the will for choice, and the will relies on the mind for available options.

To quiet the mind, really, is to let go of the burden of making things happen and to open up to receiving the life that God is giving, the life that I’m becoming.

Thanksgiving attends this receiving, naturally and organically, just as frustration, lust and anger attend attempts to make a life for myself.

The will and mind are healed as they are freed from making things happen. Freed from the burden of securing provision, security and significance, the mind and will are free to consider and choose what is good, beautiful and true (will of God).

Silence and stillness are food and drink to the burden weary soul, restoring the mind and will with endless life.


David Gross said...

Thanks Scott. Just what I need today.

Scott said...

The Lord bless you, David! Thanks for stopping by.