Friday, March 15, 2013

Grace in Practice

May we be a people who are so dripping with the grace of Jesus that uptight religious people question our salvation, write us nasty letters and start hate campaigns.

May we be a people who get real with God and others; radically real, as in, “man it stinks in here!” real.

May we be the kind of people who are more offended by our attempts to get it right than all the times we get it wrong.

May we be a people who fight for the margin and freedom that only grace can bring. So often we fight to control chaos and brokenness; to protect what we arbitrarily deem as the “orderly Christian life,” and to stem the tide of anything that would seek to threaten it.

Prepare to be threatened and offended! Click here to hear Steve Brown at Liberate 2013 talking about “Grace in Practice.

It’s amazing. I was offended, broken and ravished by the grace of Jesus. I pray you will be too.

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