Thursday, December 09, 2010

There's More to the Story

Fellow brothers in the Reformed tradition often give a warning at this time of year: in celebrating the incarnation of Jesus, don't lose sight of his work on the cross. It is often put this way: "Jesus came (or was born) to die for sinners - never forget that." Now, I really couldn't agree more with this statement. It is because of sinners that a little baby showed up in Bethlehem. The messy business of redeeming sinners began in a messy stable. But I fear it could put us out of focus.

I would like to add to this truth a "counterbalancing" warning to not overshadow and marginalize the incarnation by running too quickly to the Cross. My gut tells me that some would rather pass over the baby at Bethlehem for the glories of the cross. It's easier to preach and easier to explain through propositional arguments. Generally, one would rather stand meditating on the sight of the cross than meditating on God as a baby in a feed trough.

But there is something about God coming to us as a vulnerable, needy baby that reformed people especially need to think on. The God of glory needs us to change his diapers. He is as inviting and approachable as any baby we encounter. What do we do with that?

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