Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Blind Side

We finally saw Sandra Bullock's newest movie, The Blind Side, and it sparked a few thoughts for me.

First, I am drawn to movies that are based on true stories. It seems to have more meaning for me. The themes of redemption, adoption and sacrificial love were all the more powerful for me knowing that much of it actually happened.

This movie is an amazing picture of how God redeems us from our own "hell" and places us in his family with all the rights of firstborn sons. It also stresses the fact that we have choices in the process, God invites and we come.

With how often Christianity is bashed these days in the media, I was delightfully surprised to see it portrayed simply and beautifully as a faith worked out in love.

On a lighter note, I was glad to see Kathy Bates in this movie. She's made at least one other football movie destined to be an all-time classic, "Waterboy." During the football scenes I was totally into it, esp. since I used to play the same position on the line in High School (Tackle). As players were being crushed beneath Oher's power, I was hearing Bobby Bouchet's trademark, "eeuurrrrr!" and loving it. I could hear Kathy Bates saying, "Now, you go play your foosball, big Mike! Have fun with your friends!"

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Andy said...

We saw it last weekend and liked it. Beautiful story.