Thursday, December 03, 2009


I'm hoping I'll have time to post some short devotionals regarding the journey through the Advent season. This is my first week of readings, and I am being greatly encouraged by the Spirit in the Word. This Advent (lit., "coming") seems unique for me in terms of intentional preparation and devotion. We always do readings as a family, but this year seems to be touched by special measures of grace, at least for me personally.

Advent is useful in the hands of the Spirit to cleanse our hearts from idols, to debase pride and shower grace upon our wounds - all for the purpose of making room for the Word made flesh to take up deeper more familiar residence in us. By the work of the Word and Spirit, the Word made flesh becomes enfleshed in us. Advent is a special opportunity to take that year-long truth and more deeply apply it.

Jesus, make your home in me. Remove all the obstacles that stand in the way of our deepening communion and intimacy. Forgive and crucify my pride, lust and selfishness; clothe me in the new self that only you can give; fill me with resurrection life, with the fresh life giving water of the Spirit that never stops flowing.

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